09.December 2021, Germany:


Bio-based tech companies BIO-LUTIONS International AG and Zelfo Technology GmbH announce a fusion of their interests. Active in agro-fibre engineering and end product manufacturing, both innovative companies have deepened their relationship together via a share exchange.

This move comes after a long courtship of 8 years involving a virtual co-habitation of each other’s businesses and continued cooperation. Both companies have played the long game, starting with a vision beyond the accepted horizon of sustainable practice back in 2014. The mutual goal was clear: to replace disposable plastic products by finding a way to make natural fibres gained from agricultural residuals a usable raw material.

Beginning with a “no limits trial and error” approach back in 2014, the two newcomers to the moulded fibre market took on an industry with little idea of what could or wouldn’t work! Cake tins, microwaves, hot plates, hand mixers etc. were used along the way to get the basis of agricultural fibre composites to mesh together. Today, their technology includes 3 unique patents, covering fibre processing, machine components as well as wet and dry fibre molding.

The share exchange of these two innovative companies strengthens their natural alliance and paves the way for greater market impact. Fibre engineering experts ZELFO Technology and Clean Tech Startup BIO-LUTIONS with their focus on natural fibre product development and manufacturing, will further intensify their cooperation in a strategic move forward. The companies have the advantage of physical proximity – both are based in Schwedt/Oder, Germany – as well as a joint vision to rid the world of problematic single use packaging. Simply put, their collective technologies come together to create a defining circular economy offer.

“This merging of our interests has been on the horizon for some time, it is simply the logical step which will enable both companies to develop their individual and collective offers at a substantially increased rate.” Remarked Richard Hurding, Managing & Technical director of Zelfo and Eduardo Gordillo, CEO & Founder of BIO-LUTIONS International AG

The key benefit they see in joining forces and pooling both their knowledge and resources, is the ability to coordinate and streamline R&D in order to accelerate innovation and the creation of new intellectual property. Furthermore, a clear advantage of the alliance will be the ability to deliver a broader solution to their clients as more stages of raw material and product development can now be jointly addressed.




Zelfo Technology GmbH’s mission is to upgrade and valorize a wide range of cellulosic & ligno-cellulosic materials. The company’s Engineered Fibre solutions are the result of several years of know-how development resulting in a portfolio of patented systems which are powerful tools for companies looking to involve themselves in the circular economy. This is complimented by In-house expertise and a series of international partnerships which substantiate the company’s bio-based materials, design and manufacturing knowledge. Zelfo is headquartered in Brandenburg, Germany.

For more Information please contact:

Grégoire de Vilmorin – Managing Director / Business Development Zelfo Technology

E-Mail: [email protected]



BIO-LUTIONS is a Hamburg-based Clean Tech company that mechanically converts agricultural residues into unique, self-binding, durable fibcro® natural fibres. This patented method eliminates the need for binding agents or chemical cellulose extraction. The unique production process gives previously unused agricultural residues a second life as raw materials. These fibcro® natural fibres can now be used to produce sustainable packaging and disposable tableware, among other things. These sustainable products offer an optimal alternative to common products made of paper and plastic. The concept of decentralised production is a fundamental aspect of the BIO-LUTIONS philosophy because sustainable materials must also be sustainably sourced. The Clean Tech start-up was founded in 2017 and is currently expanding in Asia and Europe. The first factory was opened 3 years ago in Bangalore, India, and is now being followed by the approximately 1800mÇ production facility in Schwedt, Germany.

For more Information please contact:

Celine Brockmann – Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager BIO-LUTIONS

E-Mail: [email protected]


All illustrations: © BIO-LUTIONS

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