Hamburg, 04 February 2021:


BIO-LUTIONS accelerates growth of German production site through a Pre-Series B with existing investors in the amount of 2.7 million euros

Hamburg-based CleanTech startup BIO-LUTIONS has again secured funding from its shareholders. Delivery Hero SE and other existing investors have provided 2.7 million euros in a preliminary Series B round. The more substantial Series B financing round is scheduled for later this year.

The preliminary round serves to accelerate the expansion of production at the Schwedt site in order to create larger production capacities in the future. The decision by the German parliament to adopt the EU ban on single-use plastic into German law is increasing the pressure on German industry enormously. From mid-2021, plastic straws, cutlery and other disposable plastic items are to disappear from stores in the EU.

With its sustainable packaging and disposable products made from agricultural fibers, BIO-LUTIONS offers an ideal alternative. The Hamburg-based company’s production process gives currently unused agricultural residues a second life as raw materials to replace conventional plastic and paper products.



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The Print, Soniya Agrawal

These are innovations needed desperately in India, which generates an estimated 1 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste daily

New Delhi: Imagine a takeout where you can eat the box once you are done with the meal. The alternative would be throwing it away with the comforting knowledge that it won’t fester in our oceans for decades, choking marine life, or poison the food chain of our strays.

A host of companies across India are churning out green tableware and packaging containers made from waste, a welcome intervention for a country that generates an estimated 1 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste daily and doesn’t have a disposal system capable of handling it. Other companies, meanwhile, seek to tackle the problem from the other end, tapping food products to make cutlery that is edible.

BIO-LUTIONS, a Germany-based company with operations on the ourskirts of Bengaluru, derives products like trays, boxes and other kinds of packaging from agricultural waste sourced from farmers in the nearby villages of Mandya and Tumkur.