Greentech Award 2018 Top 3

Last night BIO-LUTIONS attended the gala night of the Greentech Award 2018. We were honorred to be inivted as a finalist and enjoyed meeting such a large number of inspirational people and companies.

BIO-LUTIONS CEO Eduardo Gordillo accompanies President Steinmeier to India

Eduardo Gordillo, CEO and founder of BIO-LUTIONS accompanied Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier the President of the Federal Republic of Germany on his visit to Mumbai and Chennai in India as part of his business delegation.

WorldStar Award 2018

Worldwide ist the World Star Award like the „Oscars“ for the Packaging Industry. BIO-LUTIONS has been selected as one of the winners in the category Sustainability for the Special Awards. We are delighted with this nomination and very proud to be part of the selected group of innovators worldwide.

Top 3 GreenTec Awards

With big excitement we were following the news on this competition and have just been informed, that we were selected into the TOP 3.  

Elevate 100

In August 2017 Bio-Lutions was selected to take part in this initiative of the ‘Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology’ in Karnataka, India. 

Being a member in this biggest start-up ecosystem allows us, to meet mentors and technology experts in this field as well as participate in inspiring “Elevate Talks”.

German Packaging Award 2017 in GOLD

Additionally to the German Packaging Award in the category sustainability, BIO-LUTIONS got awarded with the GOLD – Award for outstanding innovation.

We are very happy and also proud to have participated this competition with all these outstanding innovators, who want to revolutionize the world.

German Packaging Award 2017 – Kategory: SUSTAINABILITY

Grateful, BIO-LUTIONS receives another honouring for the continuous work on making the planet greener.

The Jury was especially convinced by the BIO-LUTION’s concept of using local agricultural residuals in a local production for a local market to create 100% biodegradable products.

Bio-based Material of the Year 2017

BIO-LUTIONS is honored to have been voted the winner of the Innovation-Award "Bio -based material of the year 2017“. The competition was exceptionally tough with finalists from Belgium, USA, Finland and Germany. 
This amazing win is another step on our way to renaturing the world of materials.  

Think economic. Buy ecologic. BIO-LUTIONS offers packaging solutions and disposable tableware made of up-cycled agricultural excess. This raw material is converted through a mechanical process into self-binding Micro- and Nanofibrillated Natural Fibres (M/NFNF).

BIO-LUTIONS uses no chemical additives and does not have to go through the energy-intensive process of cellulose extraction. This way, we avoid chemical contamination and excessive use of water, both common to cellulose production. Our technology makes it possible to use even the shortest fibres from most agricultural excess worldwide.

Local factories can decentralize and regionalize the production. This is achieved by processing the collected natural raw material locally or nationally. By producing in each country BIO-LUTIONS can meet local demand, create local jobs, limit transportation costs and simplify logistics.