The natural solution for disposables:
agricultural excess.

BIO-LUTIONS offers packaging solutions and disposable tableware made of up-cycled agricultural excess. This raw material is converted through a mechanical process into self-binding Micro- and Nanofibrillated Natural Fibres (M/NFNF).

BIO-LUTIONS uses no chemical additives and does not have to go through the energy-intensive process of cellulose extraction. This way, we avoid chemical contamination and excessive use of water, both common to cellulose production. Our technology makes it possible to use even the shortest fibres from most agricultural excess worldwide.

Local factories can decentralize and regionalize the production. This is achieved by processing the collected natural raw material locally or nationally. By producing in each country BIO-LUTIONS can meet local demand, create local jobs, limit transportation costs and simplify logistics.

We can offer three basic versions of packaging:
1. Basic – suitable for all dry goods ranging from perishables to electronics
2. With food grade additives – suitable for goods that require a water and/or oil resistant surface
3. Foil lamination – with bio-plastic foil. Suitable for goods that require a waterproof surface

Production process

Innovative Process BIO-LUTIONS wants to decentralise the production process by always producing locally/nationally. Using local raw material for local demand in small plants allows the product and its packaging to now be sourced and produced in the same location.

Re-source your
conventional disposables.


Re-Naturing: We „re-naturate“ the choice of materials
BIO-LUTIONS renaturates the world of materials. This means, that the production of packaging and disposable tableware is brought back to the roots. The goal is to use minimal resources in a circular economy, eliminate environmental contamination and be the most sustainable choice available.

We use existing agricultural excess, for example the by-product and excess of seasonal field harvest or replant in greenhouses. In the spirit of promoting a circlular economy, BIO-LUTIONS uses only raw materials that are outside of the human food chain and are not currently used for other sustainable purposes such as animal feed or the production of biofuels.

Local or national production minimizes the carbon emissions connected to transport, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint.


Re-Packaging: We „re-pack“ agricultural products

Thanks to BIO-LUTIONS, agricultural products can now be “re-packaged" and distributed in packaging made from their own agricultural excess. E.g. tomatoes, which are replanted every year, we can use the old plants as raw material to produce the tomatoes‘ retail packaging. This creates a price benefit for the framers and a USP for the product at the point of sale.

Thanks to local production paired with a quick and simple production process, the natural crop products can be packaged and presented at the POS in the agricultural excess it produced itself.

The areas of use are just as versatile as the design. Each individual structure ensures that the packaged products –ranging from sensitive perishables such as fruits and vegetables to other consumer goods – are well presented while being well protected, too.


Resource Re-Distribution: We „re-distribute“ for better savings
Establishing BIO-LUTIONS production facilities requires only a very limited initial investment, as they are very cost effective to build, compact and require only basic infrastructure. Hence, depending of the demand and local resources, we have the option to open multiple facilities/plants in different areas of each country, shortening transport to the POS, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting costs significantly.

The compact infrastructure allows us to upgrade and improve the machines on a regular basis, without the need for high investments. Furthermore, the production staff doesn't need special technical skills so they can be trained on site, creating local jobs.

This redistribution of production and local value creation also save costs and allows BIO-LUTIONS, to repeat its business concept easily and efficiently, worldwide.