Changing the game for packaging and
disposable tableware.

WHAT WE DO The purpose of BIO-LUTIONS is to end the excessive use of petroleum plastic and paper (cellulose) in modern societies. BIO-LUTIONS is game changer with its innovative, sustainable BIO LUTIONS Fibres and decentralized production processes creating the most ecological alternative to conventional materials.

Bringing together nature itself with our innovative mechanical processes, we produce ecologically sustainable packaging materials and disposable tableware. Accessing the agricultural excess where it occurs, we produce locally, just in time and with the world's lowest carbon footprint.

The local production makes our customers independent from the stock market petroleum & cellulose prices, third party suppliers and international transport.


Tackling one of the greatest socio-economic challenges

As a global society we have an ever-growing problem with toxic plastic and paper waste. We use countless disposable products every day, such as petroleum-based plastics or cellulose based paper that we throw away without a second thought. Our lifestyle leads to enormous amounts of waste that takes up to centuries to decompose.

Offering a sustainable and affordable solution
The BIO-LUTIONS vision is to provide a solution to this problem of generation of waste. We offer sustainable and ecological solutions for packaging and disposable tableware. This way we want to reduce the mountains of waste that end up in landfills, oceans and our own food chain.

BIO-LUTIONS products are designed to be part of a circular economy. They can decompose under normal conditions, be used for Biogas production, be recycled or burned with nearly CO2 neutral carbon footprint.

Eliminating non-sustainable excess from daily life
We aspire to eliminate packaging made from petroleum plastics and virgin cellulose. We use natural fibres to create packaging and products that are sustainable, non toxic and biodegradable.


Renaturing the world of materials
BIO-LUTIONS has created the most sustainable solutions available for ecological packaging and disposable tableware. We know that ecology needs to follow economy, because a sustainable alternative also must be an affordable choice.

Operating in a circular economy
BIO-LUTIONS is striving for a circular economy. The key is our raw material; we use agricultural excess, not petroleum or virgin cellulose from precious forests! This agricultural excess is already available today. Our product remains free of toxic chemicals and other non-natural additives. That way, we make sure that the final product is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and nearly CO2 neutral when burned.

Avoiding to infringe the human food chain
We do not use materials that are part of the human food chain or currently being used for another sustainable production process (e.g. biofuel or biogas production). We do not cause or promote direct or indirect land-use change that is often a negative side to bio-fuel production.


BIO-LUTIONS was conceived by architect and industrial designer Eduardo Gordillo. As the Managing Director of Upgrading – a company specialized in packaging, and POS display solutions – Eduardo Gordillo knows about the implications and waste generation from plastics typically used in the packaging & display industry. Having been part oft he problem, he once decided to focus his research efforts on the creation of new and more sustainable materials.

Today, BIO-LUTIONS is an innovator in the field of bio-materials and the creator of biodegradable materials and products. The bio-materials made from natural agricultural excess, paired with innovative production processes, make sustainable packaging and disposable tableware affordable for businesses. Because only highly competitive pricing has the power to fundamentally change the world of packaging.

Where we came from –

and where we are headed.


Research period
The Search for the ideal source of raw material. The goal: to find a source that does not infringe on the human food chain. The discovery: the vast potential of natural fibres gained from agricultural excess. Testing of different transformation methods begins.


Working with one of our partners Zelfo Technology
Together with Zelfo, BIO-LUTIONS re-engineered the mechanical process of fibre production. The sharing of expertise and pooling of resources lead to the defining breakthrough. Agricultural excess that had previously been worthless because the fibres were not self-binding could now be mechanically nanosized, creating fibres that were self-binding.



Adapting the pulp moulding process
In order to use the nanosized fibres for our 3D natural fibre Water Suspension Molding (WSM), BIO-LUTIONS adapted and also re-engeneered the machines, and technically-redesigned the moulds.


Successful trial production
After the technical specifications were finalized BIO-LUTIONS set up a sample production facility in China. When the prototypes successfully met all our technical, haptic and visual requirements, they then underwent rigorous and extensive quality testing. The materials proved to meet the highest standards for each area of use.


BIO-LUTIONS goes live
The Company is finally brought to life as a registered trademark. The materials are now ready to be turned into any type and form of packaging solutions by means of 3D natural fibre WSM. In 2016 the production tests have been done in China. In January 2017 we successfully installed the pilot plant in Bangalore, India to fulfill our first contract with one of our Indian customers. The upscaled production is planned to run in Sepmtember/October 2017.
Our plan for 2018 is to establish productions in further countries.